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V&A speaks to Newsweek about class action against Clear Channel on behalf of unpaid interns

"A former intern for Clear Channel Communications has filed a suit against the massive radio broadcasting company in federal court, alleging that she performed the job of a paid employee in her unpaid internship and should have been compensated as such."
In Law360

V&A files action against Coach Inc. on behalf of unpaid interns

"A former employee hit Coach Inc. with a proposed class action in New York state court on Tuesday for allegedly misclassifying employees as unpaid interns and failing to pay them minimum wage, making Coach the latest in a growing number of companies to be hit with such allegations."
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V&A files action against Universal Music Group Inc. on behalf of unpaid interns

"A former unpaid intern for Def Jam Recordings and Motown Records hit the labels’ parent company, Universal Music Group Inc., with a putative collective action in New York federal court on Wednesday, accusing the music giant of illegally failing to pay its interns minimum wage."
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V&A files action against Arnold Worldwide LLC on behalf of unpaid interns

"A former intern for Arnold Worldwide LLC filed a putative class action in New York state court on Monday against the advertising agency, alleging it broke state labor laws when it refused to pay interns but had them perform the work of regular employees."

V&A wins summary judgment for 2000 underpaid workers

"Workers who made food for NYC schools and homeless shelters and were not paid prevailing wages."
In The Monitors

V&A speaks to The Monitors about the status of unpaid internships and the litigation against companies such as Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records.

"The internship: the pain of many post-graduates, and the basis of a two hour advert for Google masquerading as a film. Whatever the context, the subject always seems to be met with a slight, “oh well, that’s the way it works, so you know, deal with it…” attitude. That approach changed in the UK slightly last year as new legislation was brought in to criminalise unpaid work, but the issue has picked up considerable steam again recently with the news that up to 3,000 ex-interns might file lawsuits against Warner Music."

V&A gets collective action certified in a case involving 3,000 unpaid interns.

"Interns who worked at Warner Music Group Corp. and Atlantic Recording Corp."
In Huffington Post

V&A represents former unpaid intern in case against Sirius XM alleging she should have been paid for work she performed.

"A former intern for The Howard Stern Show has sued the radio personality's broadcaster, Sirius XM Radio, claiming that the company's unpaid internship program violates labor law."
In Wall Street Journal

Lloyd Ambinder is featured in a Wall Street Journal article on unpaid internships and the cases brought by V&A against Warner Music Group, Viacom, Madison Square Garden, Sony and Donna Karan.

"The rules have changed for summer interns.

Since last year's class vacated the lowest rungs of the corporate totem pole, a string of high-profile lawsuits by unpaid interns has worked its way through the courts, and legislatures have passed new protections, forcing both schools and employers to rethink their policies."
In U.S. News and World Report

V&A speaks to U.S. News and World Report on the benefits of paid internships.

"Even before the onset of the 2008 recession, college students and recent grads eagerly, if not desperately, sought out unpaid internships hoping to gain the necessary experience to land a paid job. Unfortunately, rather than provide a structured educational environment for interns, many, if not most, employers treat interns like entry level employees without providing them any compensation."
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V&A attended Find & Follow Your Passion: A #FindSpark Fashion Conference. Attorneys from V&A gave a workshop on employment rights in the workplace to young creatives and professionals in the fashion industry.

"On Saturday, April 5th, during Find & Follow Your Passion: A FindSpark Fashion Conference at LIM College, LaDonna Lusher and Lloyd Ambinder, attorneys at Virginia and Ambinder LLP, share the most wonderful knowledge about the importance of knowing your rights as an employee, whether you are an a full-time or part-time employee, independent contractor/ freelancer, and intern (yes, you have rights as well!). If you fit in any of these categories or you are looking for your next gig, this is for you!"

V&A gets collective action certified in a case involving unpaid interns

Interns who worked at Viacom, Inc., MTV Networks Music Production Inc., and MTV Networks Enterprises, Inc.