In Crain's New York Business

Craine's New York article mentioned V&A for their efforts on behalf of home care workers

Home care workers were connected with attorneys at V&A by labor groups to fight against the 13-hour rule.

V&A's Kara Miller Quoted in Cuomo Administration's Nail Salon Reforms Press Release

“A business that must close because it cannot operate without underpaying workers or subjecting them to inhumane working conditions is not a loss to our community.”
In Pro Publica

Pro Publica quotes V&A partner Jim Murphy on wage theft by NYC luxury building owners

“The original statute as it was drafted had a lot of holes in it,” said James Murphy, a labor lawyer at the firm of Virginia & Ambinder in New York.
In Law360

Law360 reports on Virginia & Ambinder's case against Envy Nails on behalf of underpaid salon workers

A New York federal judge on Friday said he would not dismiss a collective action brought by workers against Envy Nails salons in New York City alleging that they were not paid minimum wage or overtime and that they failed to receive pay stubs, a day after oral arguments were held.
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V&A files actions against Versace and Michael Kors on behalf of former unpaid interns

The plaintiffs alleged in the class action suits that they were tasked with inputting data, assisting with organizing samples, answering phone calls, setting up promotional events, and running personal errands for paid employees without being paid.
In New York Daily News

New York Daily News reports on Virginia & Ambinder's wage theft case against NYC luxury construction company Parkside

“You have a situation where people are going to be buying apartments for the mid-eight figures, and you have individuals working there who are getting the lowest of living wages,” said attorney Lloyd Ambinder.
In Legale

Leagle reports on the settlement reached in the unpaid intern case against Lions Gate Entertainment

"...[T]he Court grants Plaintiffs' unopposed motion for preliminary approval of class and collective action settlement."
In Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal features Virginia & Ambinder's new office

"Few small and mid-size companies in New York City can afford to buy an office building, but many are considering office condominiums, real-estate brokers and executives said."
In El Diario

El Diario quotes V&A attorney Kara Miller about nail salons and new wage bonds rule

"Requiring these bonds is a big step in the right direction to protect these workers, but it is not a perfect solution," said Kara Miller, a lawyer representing eleven workers of the company Envy Nails.
In The New York Times

The New York Times quotes V&A attorney Kara Miller about new wage bond rule for New York nail salons

Kara Miller, a lawyer representing 10 former employees of the Envy Nails chain who are suing their employer for wages owed, said the requirement would be “a huge leap forward in protecting workers.”
In Law360

Warner Music Group Corp. settles for $4.2 million to end intern wages suit brought by V&A

"Warner Music Group Corp. has agreed to pay about $4.2 million to resolve a putative class and collective action brought by former interns who claimed they were unlawfully denied minimum wage, the plaintiffs told a New York federal court Tuesday."
In Fortune

V&A partner Lloyd Ambinder comments in Fortune on how to protect nail salon workers

"After the New York Times’ expose on the horrific mistreatment of New York City manicurists, the nail industry is in danger of becoming a pariah. How can it protect workers and win back customers?"