By Inés Cruz, LLM.
As New Yorkers ring for 2024, they also welcome higher minimum wage rates for some regions.

The rate to be received, depends on three main aspects: 

  1. The region/county where you work.

  2. If your job is subject to tips; and /or

  3. How many employees are working for the employer.

minimum wage rates
Tipped Rates


NOTE FOR HOME CARE AIDES’ WORKERS: On October 1, 2022, there was a $2.00 increase per hour to the minimum hourly rate. 

REMINDER: In 2021, the tip credit was eliminated for employees of nail salons, porters, car washes and other industries. They must receive the full minimum wage rate per hour from their employer. 

Regardless of your immigration status, you have the right to receive the right minimum wage rate according to the law. 

If you have any questions regarding the wage rate you must receive, or for any inquiries related to whether your employer is paying you the right rate, please do not hesitate to contact us. All consultations are free and confidential. Happy New Year!


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